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  为顺应本公司多年来客户的需求,本公司与2014年投入国内先进的外胎系列生产线。以轿车轮胎的工艺,融合台湾和日本的先进技术,用来生产摩托车、电动车及ATV系列轮胎, 经过潜心的配方研究与工艺调整,轮胎用高质量,优惠的的价格服务于世界各地的客户。

  QINGDAO JIGNCHENG RUBBER PRODCUTS CO.,LTD is loacted in located in ZHANGJIALOU industrial  park, HUANGDAO NEW area of QINGDAO . it mainly  produces high quality butyl and natural inner tubes for  automobiles ,motorcycles and electric bicycles .it is one of the earliest and largest professional  manufactacturers engaged in the production of inner tubes in SHANDONG PROVINCE . twenty years of research ,the company is in the forefront of both quality and output is SHANDONG PROVUNCE . for a long time ,we have won the trust and support of our customers all over the world .

  In order to meet the needs of our customers over the years ,our company put into domestic advanced tires series production line in 2014.with car tire teachnology,integration of TAIWAN and JAPAN advanced technology,used to produce motorcycle ,electric bicycle and ATV tires , after paninstaking formula research and process adjustment ,tires with top quality ,the most favorable price to serve customers around the world 

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